Ninnis trädgård is  a permaculture smallholding.Here we grow vegetables, fruit, berries, and herbs in beds, greenhouse and we started 11years ago with an open empty field patience is something we have had to learn and to cease  the moment. We planted shelterbelts against the wind and noise but also for the birds and other animals.we brought seaweed from the beach, horse shit from the neighbours and recived garden waiste the first years to improve the sandy soil to be able to grow at all.
now with a (nearly) finished strawbale house,compost toilets, readbed waste water treatment, an expanding garden and buisness i'm open for more ideas.............
One idea was to one day have an eco camping , why not , so a year ago when an english journalist was here visiting I decided to participate in the guidebook Wild guide to scandinavia.this summer I've had 3 requests , latest  one today buy a couple who just drove in.... so for you who read the book and then find this blog, please notice that eco camping here is yet not possible, but there is Veg and eggs for sale,please contact beforehand on or call.
But there is  always possibilities to come and wwoof or helpex, to work in exchange for house and food, Please email first!!!

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